Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hello India :D

Hey folks sorrz bout the lack of updates but im more than happy to tell you that I'm in India, where there is sunshine and warm wether .... Iv lived in Britain almost all my life and going back home for a few months is just gonna be amazing and adventurous....... India is such a beautiful/amazing country and i cant wait to share all my experiences with you all .....I love this boho dress i bought in the sale from Dont know if it goes perfect with the shoes but i like it anyway ... :D Do u ??? x x x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Floral shirt and a long post !!

I have soo much admiration for bloggers/blogging because its not just about throwing on anything that you can find or commenting on other blogs to get more followers or any of the other cliche in the blogosphere.... its about finding pieces that will inspire you and others and discovering blogs that will change the way you perceive fashion or lifestyle other than what is depicted in magazines and other sources that decides for you... Blogging has become such a powerful means of merchandising for many brands to high end designers .. im sure we all know of and Chiara from to name the 2 who to me has the biggest collaboration with big names designers like Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs etc . I have in no doubt the most high end respect for them and their dedication to the blogs .... Chiara and Bryanboy on their everyday blog posts feature no less than 3 designer's item price stating from no less than $500 ....BUT how are they influencing the way you style everyday?? What do they do to inspire you ???  the answer for me is when a blogger like Andy from Stylescrapbook can bring the likes of DIY and high street to thrift store and produces an outfit that you and i can relate to and a style that we can follow without the need of Prada or Chanel to make us look "fashionable" or "stylish". Am i right or soo wrong??? leave a comment below !! :)

PS: I love BryanBoy and Chiara but just arguing how they have become more branded than street style xoxo and Shit camera + shit Uk weather = poor quality of photos ... SORRY x x x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

First Look 2012 .... Stars and Strips :)

I hope all you lovelies had a beautiful New Years :D ..... I wanted a banging first look for 2012 but this is all i could come up with because of the this torrential wind ... it was soo hard to take photos in the wind plus I'm down with really bad cough and iv been lemsip-ing, honey+lime and all sorts !! I really need a new camera for the blog but all in good time,... I choose this outfit to lift the gloomy January mood ! Stripes stars and denim mix .?? What do u think?? ... oh and also i bought this new Lippy from Rimmel on NYE , everyone loved it on me ... DO u ??  x x